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Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management is Our Strength

FHQ-RCS Resource Services is an industry leader in Integrated Project Management services. Our combined expertise and nimble infrastructure ensure a quick start, professional management, and timely completion of your mining, oil and gas, water, and civil projects – no matter the size. The depth of experience and dynamic structure of the team facilitates quick integration of both local and global expertise to expedite the delivery of solutions to the client.

 Our team combines multiple engineering and field disciplines into one cohesive operating unit, ready to manage each stage of a project in less time than our competitors.

Our domestic and international network of resources and best-in-class support services enable us to leverage strong relationships with local stakeholders and ensure that with FHQ-RCS in charge, your projects are completed safely, within budget, while adhering to strict regulatory controls.

When FHQ-RCS works as the prime contractors on a project, we us our proprietary software, Integrated Project Manager, to manage all aspects of your operations: safety, land, surveying, construction, drilling, completions, facilities, infrastructure, and personnel.


Integrated Project Management services:

  • Prime contractor to manage all operations
  • Project budgeting and cost tracking
  • Regulatory compliance and monitoring 
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Environmental compliance and solutions
  • General liability insurance protection for your entire project