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Oil & Gas

A depth of knowledge in oil and gas

We are devoted to our mission to be the technical experts in the development of heavy oil-conventional oil and gas assets in Western Canada and internationally, utilizing a broad base of industry expertise. We are equipped to integrate ourselves as a comprehensive project manager or on select parts of the project as determined by our customers.


Oil and gas services include:

  • Administrative support
  • Project oversight from the office and in the field
  • Regulatory compliance design, implementation, monitoring, and auditing
  • Access, lease, and pad design utilizing cutting-edge software
  • Long term reclamation planning, design, and exicution
  • Custom engineering
  • On-site construction
  • Timely design and development of specialized equipment 
  • Vertical, slant, and horizontal well design for exploration programs, coring, and bulk sampling
  • Hydrogeology and source water solutions
  • Completion design
  • Project budgeting and cost tracking
  • Field project supervision
  • Office and field engineering and technical support
  • Integrated project management services when FHQ-RCS is the prime contractor