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Secondary Containment Systems

State of the Art Engineered Systems

FHQ-RCS provides state of the art engineered Secondary Containment Systems and Double Wall Tanks. Our systems and tanks meet all provincial, territorial, and federal guidelines related to storage and containment of any hazardous materials utilized in industry today.


FHQ-RCS provides the following services:

  • Rig Site Liners for Invert Tank Farms
  • Spill cleanup containment applications
  • Custom manufactured liners to fit any shape or size of containment system
  • Engineered pads for containment systems and storage sites
  • Double wall tank systems for invert and fuel farms
  • Cement rings for drilling and completions applications
  • Processed material fluid containment
  • Fuel Farms
  • Installation of our containment systems
  • Training on utilization of our products
  • Inspections of your current containment systems, FHQ-RCS systems, or third party systems
  • Refit of liners in older systems
  • Leakage detection systems
  • Relocation of containment systems
  • Custom manufactured solutions for access doors and specialized entry requirements into our containment systems