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Engagement and Implementation

Ongoing Aboriginal Development

All Resources Development efforts on First Nations and Aboriginal lands should work toward the mutual benefit of industry and the communities. FHQ-RCS Resource Services supports models where business ventures identify long-term impact on the socio-economic development of all participating Aboriginal stakeholders.

  •  FHQ-RCS is providing opportunities for Aboriginal communities and individuals in Canada
  • FHQ-RCS provides consulting services to many communities to assist in resource development
  • FHQ-RCS forges business relationships with Aboriginal owned and operated companies, forfeiting profit to ensure growth opportunities for Aboriginal businesses
  • FHQ-RCS supplies support servicer for communities entering industry, providing consultation on how to work with industry and assistance in defining traditional lands
  • With extensive domestic and international experience, the FHQ-RCS team is politically acclimatized to the unique challenges of working alongside Aboriginal communities with little exposure to industry

FHQ-RCS acts as a consulting body between industry and the Aboriginal stakeholders, ensuring all resource related ventures are conducted with full recognition within party agreements.

  • Respectful and meaningful consultation practices
  • Providing input on business decisions
  • Identifying additional opportunities for community support
  • Facilitating contractor choice
  • Mitigating conflict as concerns arise

 We also encourage Aboriginal community investments generated from industry business ventures.

  • Training
  • Employment
  • Small business contracts
  • Impact benefits from all business ventures
  • Generation of sustainable capacity through each venture’s cycle